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Can You Experience Love a Second Time Around?

In this case, I’m referring to a camera. Yes, a camera. Or, maybe it wasn’t so much the camera as it was the art of photography, but either way, it was my one true love a long, long time ago. I lived and breathed photography, my camera at my side wherever I went, except the day it wasn’t, and then it was gone. So, when I saw a posting on Denver Mile High Mamas for a contest to win a slot in the new PhotoPlayDate being started by a very ingenious and talented mompreneur here in Denver, I immediately had to see what I needed to do to WIN! Write a comment as to why you deserve to win? I can do that! And so, I did. And now, this blog post has all but written itself. For this is the story of how I’ve set out to find true love a second time around:

Are you kidding?! I’ve been foaming at the mouth ever since I heard about PhotoPlayDate through @crazycanucklog! I told another Mommy friend who is moving next week and she actually considered sending her husband on without her just to be part of it. She’s seriously interested should you ever start something in Philadelphia!

As for me, I’ve been in mourning ever since the professional camera I bought off a wedding photographer was stolen out of my brother’s house one Summer day in LA while I was visiting. We found the entire house robbed upon returning from the beach. That was 20 years ago.

I loved that camera and have never completely gotten over it being taken from me along with the photos of my family still in it. They got all my lenses too. It had been quite a hefty investment for me as a college student. I had just finished taking a photography class as a Fine Arts elective and really thought this may be my calling as I finessed my skills inside and out of the darkroom with simple black & white film. Maybe I’d become a photo journalist?

As strange as it may sound, I could no more replace my camera than someone who had just lost a beloved pet could replace their Fido. Besides, I was a STRUGGLING college student. I never took another photography class, bought an instamatic and stuck with that through to the digital age.

There’s nothing like having a baby to stir up the photographer in you once again. Since having my baby, two years ago, I have definitely come out of mourning. I have a new baby now to replace the electronic one and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to tell my husband why I need a new fancy-schmancy camera when we just bought a new pocket digital one for Christmas. There is just no way to seize upon the emotion and nuance of every fleeting childhood moment with even the best pocket digital the way a professional lens can.

So, PICK ME and you give me the excuse I need to buy that camera and rebirth the passion I once had for the fine art of photography! And… my kid needs more play dates. 🙂

Now just imagine with me. How much more vivid. Moments like this will become?


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June 11, 2009 at 6:32 pm 2 comments

A half-hatched role-reversal takes flight on a wing and a prayer.

Life is a misadventure mixed with mayhem.





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