Forget Plan B. What’s Your Plan C?

June 20, 2009 at 1:28 am 3 comments

Was planning on posting something light-hearted before Danny got off the phone and told me of the latest dirt being sifted through the airline rumor-mill. For a short while there, I thought we were about to have to come up with a Plan C. We don’t have a Plan C. Do you? I have no idea what Plan C would look like… I pictured us moving AGAIN, for what would be the SIXTH time in the SEVEN years we’ve been married, and God help me if I have to move again I want it to be into my final resting place. Whether that be retirement or death. I will welcome either before another year of living out of boxes, making new friends and learning where the Walmart and Walgreens are in a whole new maze of streets and strip malls. I imagined myself still working late nights at my computer, feeding my family frozen dinners because I still don’t have time to cook, and Reagan growing up a bored and brooding latchkey kid the way I did. We promised ourselves we would do better than that. It’s why we waited so long to HAVE a kid. I saw Danny finally giving up his aviation dreams because now as a father, there just is no time to be starting over again at the bottom. No time for this up and down industry with no guarantees. What would he do? Unless they’re hiring people to find their way to the bottom of a Doritos bag while in a reclined position, I’m pretty sure he’d be getting trained in a new career. At 40.

So then I did what any other anxious, dread-filled Negative Nancy would do. I searched Twitter. There must be something out there to fuel my fire, confirm my fears and cause me not to sleep at night! And all I found was that Frontier Airlines had just hired an online public relations firm three days ago. Hmmmm. That’s an odd move for an airline being rumored to be bought out. I also texted a friend whose husband works for the airline being rumored to buy out Frontier. I was operating in semi-full, okay, full panic mode! I know better! Not only have I been married to a pilot for seven years, but I used to work for an airline myself before we were married. It’s been long enough to know, rumors are always brewing among airline employees because everyone in this industry is operating from a position of FEAR! FEAR, FEAR, FEAR! And that’s what I was doing. So, while I was talking to my people, Danny was talking to his. I was assured that this was just a rumor, one to be ignored like so many before it. And Danny was basically told the same thing and even given some encouraging news about the growth of the company. We both can’t believe we let this rumor be the one that made our hearts race. In any case, there is going to be a public announcement soon. That’s when it will be safe to believe what we hear.

While we wait on the news of the company’s future, this turned out to be an excellent exercise for me. It got me thinking about what we would do should the other shoe drop. I’m thinking this is why there are so many people in the position they’re in now in this dismal economy. It’s not because they didn’t have a Plan B, it’s because they soon discovered they needed to have a Plan C. And by then, it was too late.

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What’s your Plan B? Plan C?


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  • 1. Amber's Crazy Bloggin' Canuck  |  June 20, 2009 at 6:34 am

    Ohhhhh no! I, too hope these are just rumors and don’t come to fruition. We are living Plan C. Hubby had to reinvent himself in this flailing economy and fortunately, it is working out for us but not without a great deal of stress at the onset.

    • 2. Mama Bird  |  June 20, 2009 at 3:28 pm

      You guys are an inspiration! It’s amazing how when pressed to, we will stretch ourselves outside our comfort zones and do whatever is necessary. So happy to know others living OUTSIDE THE BOX!

  • 3. What’s Next, God? « MaMa Bird's Blog  |  August 16, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    […] all our needs are met. It has been nothing short of a miracle. We are prepared to have to go to Plan C should we need to, but will remain hopeful that the new management will continue to grow Frontier […]


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