Balancing Life Online and in Reality

May 29, 2009 at 4:51 am 2 comments


Oh, I’m sorry, did you come here looking for answers? Didn’t mean to mislead you. All I really have are questions. Maybe you can help me?

Question #1: When you have just one more thing to get done on your computer, the daylight hours are dwindling and your kid hasn’t had any fresh air today, do you:

a. Make-up some excuse to e-mail your client why you didn’t meet the deadline and take your kid out for ice cream.

b. Put on Nemo (that should give you a good hour and a half), continue working and then finally get out of the house with just enough time for a couple pushes on the swing and trips down the slide before dinner.

c. Open the windows.

Question #2: Even though you’ve had barely any sleep in the past 3 days, you really want to catch up on Facebook before going to bed. Do you:

a. Decide you can go just one more night on 5 hours of sleep.

b. Quickly read the status updates and your Inbox messages and skip sending rounds of drinks, “Pick 5” and taking quizzes on how well you know Sesame Street and what color your rainbow is.

c. Get so sucked into figuring out which Disney, Grease or Wizard of Oz character you are, collecting eggs and playing “Mafia Wars” that you decide you didn’t need that 5 hours of sleep after all!

Question #3: Your online to-do list is a mile long. You have bills to pay, e-mails to return, appointments to set and research to do for your client. Do you:

a. First check your Twitter feed to see what’s what and then get caught up in Tweeting and Re-Tweets for the next few hours.

b. Get your work done before ever logging into Twitter or Facebook, but keep tabs on your e-mail alerts for anything juicy at the same time.

c. Suddenly realize it’s 5pm and, oh well, it’s too late to do any of those to-do items now, might as well start fresh tomorrow!

Question #4: You’re meeting up with another Mom in an hour for a playdate and you haven’t had a chance to get that technical e-mail written that needs to be sent out today. You also haven’t showered. Do you:

a. Decide to take a chance there will still be time to get it out sometime after your afternoon playdate and before 5pm, jump in the shower and still have time to primp before running out the door.

b. Finish the e-mail, wash your face, put your hair in a pony-tail and apply extra deodorant, because it’s a play date, not a blind date.

c. Choose to use this time to squeeze in a little Oprah.

Question #5: Your significant other has planned a date night, but you were really looking forward to chatting with your friends on-line about the latest gossip. Do you:

a. Ask if you can order in Chinese because you have some important work still left to do before the weekend.

b. Quickly text your friends that you’ll catch up with them over the weekend, you have plans that involve white linen—beginning with a tablecloth and ending with sheets!

c. Bring your iPhone with you and send text messages back and forth all night about whether you should order the fries or salad with your entreé, what you overheard the couple in the booth next to you arguing about and how bad your shoes hurt.

I appreciate your input!

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  • 1. Amber!  |  May 29, 2009 at 9:01 am

    So, I find myself becoming less enchanted with online activities as I begin to have a need to do more of them! Interesting questions!!

    • 2. Mama Bird  |  May 29, 2009 at 5:06 pm

      Me too. The more you involve yourself with the online community, the more there is to do if you want to keep up! I have a love/hate relationship with it all.


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